Friday, November 24, 2017

Infinity Room 1

Infinity Room

We went to the Art Museum to see Yayoi Kusama's exhibition of Infinity Mirror Rooms, which inspired me to make my own infinity mirror rooms with Blender 3D software. The interior walls of Ms. Kusama's rooms are lined with mirrors and sometimes the floor and/or the ceiling.Inside the rooms are her sculpted objects which are reflected in the mirrors ad infinitum. 

My first room scene consists of spheres, lamps and a highly reflective cube. The cube is the mirrored room and the spheres are my simple sculptures. The lamps are... well you need some light, otherwise the room is pitch black and there are no reflections.

Here are photos of my first infinity room.

 Technical stuff for Blender heads

The cube's material is glossy Beckmann with 0 roughness
and the spheres material is Voronoi cells.
Both spheres are arrayed around two different empties.
One arrayed as a ring and the other as a spiral.
    Four area lamps are placed inside the cube
with their cast shadows and multiple importance buttons switched off.

Eat, Sleep, Blender, Repeat



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