Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

    I have been making art for as long as I can remember and I can not stop. I started with crayons, markers, and modeling clay. It became an obsession and art was my favorite class in school. My grade two teacher canceled the class permanently after I splattered water colours and influenced my classmates to do the same. The week before, my mother had taken me to a Jackson Pollock exhibition at the Dallas Art Museum, three blocks from our house.

    A few years ago I was going blind and resigned myself to making computer art. I liked it, because I could see the lit screen. After a couple of intensive and successful eye surgeries, I am still making digital art and enjoy creating abstract images, using an open source 3D animation program called Blender.

    I am inspired to create beautiful and unusual original artworks using a myriad of mediums and materials and I find a very powerful satisfaction constructing these images, even when they confound me. It is with great pleasure I present them to you. Enjoy.


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