Saturday, September 13, 2014

Background Colours and Mist

 Part 3 of
Surreal Abstracts VII 
The background and its colour are important elements that help create the ambiance of a scene.
I used the sky texture tool and a color ramp for the backgrounds of these images. The sky tool allows me to choose the suns direction, the amount of atmospheric turbidity and the amount of incidental light reflected back into the atmosphere. The color ramp allows accurate control over a range of colours for a material, in this case the background. A similar colour is assigned to the mist to blend it to the background.

Onward into the fog!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Illusion of Distance

Part 2 
Surreal Abstracts VII 

The Blender default cube saga continues with "Sketch 5" from my previous post, Renders and Sketches.
In the next stage of creating my image I gave my modified default cube a glass material coloured gold and an array modifier to deploy two duplicates of itself. I set the f/stop of the camera to 1.0, started playing around with the background colour and composited a mist to the world. The aperture setting and the mist, along with the duplicates, creates a greater illusion of distance.   


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Renders and Sketches

Surreal Abstracts VII
Sketches of the Cube
in Blender 2.71 cycles
I want to show you an important step. These images are preview renders of a modified default cube. They help me decide what shape I want to create and how it may look in a neutral scene. I consider these images similar to preliminary sketches, but I usually don;t sign or save them, because I'm more interested in the final picture. I could use an option in the viewport to see the rendered scene in real time, but it does not cooperate well with my old, but awesome computer.
Images of the next phase will be in the following post.

 Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

Sketch 4

Sketch 5

In a side project, I am working at how to integrate signatures into digital work before releasing them into the wilderlands of the internet. The signatures here are obvious and not placed carelessly across the image, but are more vulnerable to removal. I think the best way to sign a work is to make it seem part of the original scene. More on this later.           

Talley ho!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Space Wreck

3D Surreal Abstracts VI
More fun with Blender's default cube, a stack of modifier tools and two particle systems.
I composited two scenes together in Blender 2.71 to make this image.

~Pod Re-entry~

Travel Lightly!

Friday, August 08, 2014

3D Surreal Abstracts V

3D Surreal Abstracts V

 I created this in Blender 2.71 to be used as a background for the default cube project, 
but I think it works as an image all on it's own.
The cube is invisible.
Marbled Sun

Happy Summer & Happy Trails!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Inawkward Modifier Stacks

3D Surreal Abstracts IV

There are Many Modifiers, but Only One Cube

One of my favorite games, for the past three months, is modifying the Blender default cube into something more than a cube.
 Here is a glance at the technical side of my 3D computer graphics or you can skip to the pretty pictures.


 Above, the Blender default scene with camera, cube and lamp.

Left, the modifier tool panel with a modifier stack.

Below, the modifier stack (to the left) is applied to the cube. I had to turn the arrays off. Too many screws. They made the stack clumsy and ungainly and then crash Blender while rendering.

~ Presenting ~

  Inawkward Modifier Stacks

~Paper Hives~

~Alien City~

Tot Ziens! 

More tech stuff.
 The modifier stack for these images:
1. skin
2. subdivision
3. screw.
4. Three arrays.
The cube's material is the same in both images, but the difference is, the skin modifier's smooth shading is checked in the blue image.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Curves From Straight Lines

3D Surreal Abstracts IV

Fun with the Default Cube and Modifiers

 "3D Surreal Abstracts" Scenes in Blender 2.70a.









 Only one geometric object was used to create these scenes, the default cube, and no part of it was moved, rotated, or scaled. It was given a particle system with a force field to emit trails of lines and create curves from straight lines.

  Experiment and ask questions! 


Sunday, July 06, 2014

Fractal Spirals

3D Surreal Abstracts IIIa
A continuation of
An Exercise in Modifiers
in Blender 2.70a

 Three Super wide 4000x1000 banners
The same scene with three different lamp colors 



 Three array modifiers are arrayed around one rotated and scaled empty to make spirals and a subdivision modifier to create a gem-like appearance are applied to the default cube.  Part of my intention in these images is to apply signatures that are easily seen and signatures that are hidden and not so obvious. In both cases they are integrated into the image. 




Drive safe! 

Thursday, July 03, 2014

3D Surreal Abstracts III

 3D Surreal Abstracts III
A continuation of
An Exercise in Modifiers
in Blender 2.70a

 Super wide 4000x1000 banners





More 4000x1000 to come.
Also, a black and white series is in production.

Up, up and away! 

Sunday, June 08, 2014

 3D Surreal Abstracts II

An Exercise in Modifiers

  I created the "3D Surreal Abstracts" images in blender 2.70a. Unlike my previous works in Blender, I used only one object in these scenes, the default cube. No part of the cube was moved, rotated, or scaled, but a variety of modifiers were applied to it to create structures. If you are not familiar with Blender, modifiers are powerful tools. They can change the shape of an object, mirror it, explode it, duplicate it once or many times and array those duplications along a straight or curved line. There are at least 46 different modify tools in Blender 2.70a, the latest update as of this writing.  

 Ring Structure View III

Ring Structure View IV

Ring Structure View V

Ring Structure View VI

More to come.

Tot Ziens!